Students attend outing at Brewster National History Museum


位于科德角, Latham Centers is a leader in special education 和 therapeutic services for children 和 adults with disabilities. Our 住宅 therapeutic school serves 麻萨诸塞州, 纽约,和 beyond.

Children's Residential 项目招生

Latham Centers treats boys 和 girls, 年龄8-22, 发育迟缓, emotional 和 behavioral challenges, 二氏综合征, 以及创伤或依恋问题. We focus on highly individualized treatment that supports both the student 和 the family.

An aerial view of Latham's Children's program campus

Latham School is located at 美街1646号. (Route 6A) in Cape Cod's "Sea Captain's Town" of Brewster, 麻萨诸塞州.


Latham Centers' Children's Program offers educational, 职业, 住宅, 社会, clinical 和 therapeutic resources which include:

  • Separate academic 和 住宅 faculty;
  • Licensed teachers 和 speech, physical 和 occupational therapists;
  • Master's level clinicians serve as liaisons from home to school to residences;
  • 学生与教职员比例低;
  • Multi-sensory learning environment with current technology utilized throughout the school 和 住宅 programs;
  • Researched 和 validated instructional methods 和 therapeutic approaches;
  • Real-life opportunities for generalization of skills both on 和 off campus;
  • Social skills 和 pragmatics integrated within all aspects of the programs;
  • Comprehensive health care services;
  • Wide range of after-school 和 weekend activities;
  • Sports 和 职业 opportunities;
  • Safe, supportive, structured environment in which to learn 和 grow.


Latham Centers is approved by the 麻萨诸塞州 Department of Elementary 和 Secondary Education (DESE) 和 is licensed by the Department of Early Education 和 Care (DEEC). Our 住宅 therapeutic school provides treatment services to approximately 45 students, 一周7天, 一年365天. We are also nationally accredited by the Council on Accreditation.

When in-state options are not available, Latham Centers has been approved to admit students from:

  • 加州
  • 伊利诺斯州
  • 马里兰
  • 麻萨诸塞州
  • 新泽西
  • 纽约,和
  • 华盛顿特区.C.

We continue to accept students from state that do not have a formal approval process. Recent students have hailed from Alaska, Ohio, 和 Virginia.

同情 & 理解...

A student works in our 职业 program as School Store Clerk
Staff at Latham Centers welcomes new student on her first day 和 shows her the Latham campus playground.

Adult Residential 和 Shared Living

Located in Southeastern 麻萨诸塞州 和 Cape Cod, Latham provides community living opportunities for adults with disabilities including 二氏综合征. Latham Centers is licensed by the Department of Developmental 服务 (DDS), 和 our Adult 项目 offer 职业, 住宅, 社会 和 clinical resources which include:

Two Latham Centers Adult Residents at a dance.
  • Group home community residences serving 4-5 adults;
  • Shared Living community residences each serving 1 adult;
  • Independent Living serving adults living in community apartments 和 condominiums;
  • Individualized services to meet each individual’s unique needs. Support ranges from intensive 24-hour supervision to drop-in case man年龄ment;
  • Community based health providers;
  • Access to community based day programming.
  • Support from our caring 和 highly trained staff;
  • Assistance with daily routines, community integration, 和 behavioral therapies.


For more information about Latham Centers or to schedule a visit, please contact us at 或打电话 (508) 896-5776分机. 237 or (774) 353-9237.

Additionally, click here for the fillable 入学申请 form.

转介传真至: (508) 896-8310



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